Q&A – Mariette Fouche

Q&A Heading

Mariette Fouche is a leader in Customer Loyalty Management, serving as the Head of Product Development and Solution Design at LoyaltyPlus.

API’s and Third-Party Integrations

Q&A Felix

Felix du Plessis, the CIO of LoyaltyPlus is discussing the API boom and how LoyaltyPlus is staying ahead of the curve to produce various integration services and API’s to enrich the Loyalty programme experience.

Q&A with LoyaltyPlus

Q&A Heading

We are excited to introduce to you a series of Q&A sessions, where we will draw on our 25+ years of expertise. Our discussions will be multi-disciplinary in structure including discussions from a CEO perspective (strategy), CCO perspective (business), CIO/CTO perspective (technology), CMO perspective (marketing), CDO / COO perspective (development and testing).
Please join us on this expedition, where the world of Loyalty platform provisions unfolds in bite-sized insights