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Q&A with LoyaltyPlus

We will be rolling out a series of Q&A sessions to showcase LoyaltyPlus’ extensive experience and knowledge in the Loyalty industry to provide insights and expertise to the market. This, we believe, will help businesses in the industry gain a deeper understanding of best practices and emerging trends.

Unlike traditional article-style content, which may appear like “preaching” or “telling,” the Q&A format offers a more engaging and interactive way to present information, fostering meaningful discussions and driving authentic engagement.

Our Q&A sessions will therefore serve as educational platforms, helping companies and professionals in the market stay updated on the latest developments and strategies in Loyalty programme management, especially in the context of SaaS solutions.

We will draw on the 25 years of expertise of the LoyaltyPlus team – and our discussions will be multi-disciplinary in structure including discussions from a CEO perspective (strategy), CCO perspective (business), CIO/CTO perspective (technology), CMO perspective (marketing), CDO / COO perspective (development and testing).

It is our objective to use these Q&A sessions to facilitate networking and collaboration within the market. Through our informal and collaborative approach we will offer ideas for innovating Loyalty propositions.

Join us on this expedition, where the world of Loyalty platform provisions unfolds in bite-sized insights.

Andrie du Preez from LoyaltyPlus’ Marketing Team will be conducting our first Q&A session with Deon Olivier from Woodstock Engagement.

Andrie du Preez

More about Deon:

Over the past 24 years, I’ve gained extensive experience in the South African and global Loyalty marketing industry. Key milestones include starting my career with programme owners (MTN and eBucks), transitioning to the agency side (Achievement Awards Group and Tritech Global), and establishing my own Loyalty consultancy (Woodstock Engagement).

I have had the good fortune of having worked across a very broad range of industries.

Being an active and passionate industry participant has allowed me to stay updated with industry trends around the world and at the same time broaden my global network and insights and have delivered Loyalty Marketing presentations and workshops in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Barcelona, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Scottsdale (US) and Orlando. I am a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMPTM) having completed the formal requirements set out by the US based Loyalty Academy (a division of The Wise Marketer Group).

I work closely with clients and agencies to conceptualise new strategies and also refine existing strategies. This typically involves conducting domain studies, business plan development, innovative customer value proposition design, customer experience mapping, marketing development and related strategic and operational elements required to bring an incentive or loyalty programme to market and keep it relevant and engaging. I enjoy being involved for medium to long terms assignments covering the with the build, launch, implementation and bedding-in phases.

SA Loyalty Market Overview

Andrie du Preez

How would you describe the SA Loyalty industry?


The South African Loyalty industry was established in the late 1980s in the travel market and has grown significantly since then. It is dynamic and fiercely competitive, characterized by a wide range of world class Loyalty programmes across all market sectors: Grocery, health & beauty; Retail banking; Insurance, QR & restaurants; Travel & hospitality; Fashion & apparel; Fuel retail and Telco. Our market has evolved significantly over the last 10 years, with Loyalty programmes becoming a price-of-entry to drive customer engagement.

Andrie du Preez

How has technology impacted Loyalty programmes in South Africa?


Technology has played a transformative role in South African Loyalty programmes – and will continue to do so. It has enabled the customer engagement shift from traditional paper-based loyalty cards to digital platforms, allowing for gamification, more personalized offers, real-time tracking and improved customer experiences.

From an enablement perspective, Loyalty Management System (LMS) providers like LoyaltyPlus with their end-to-end SaaS platform will facilitate the evolution. The rise of SaaS platforms has enabled businesses to streamline programme management, access and optimise real-time data, facilitate data analysis, implement automation and enhance programme flexibility to drive programme efficiency and ROI.

Andrie du Preez

What strategies can businesses use to succeed in the development and deployment of their Loyalty propositions in South Africa?


Successful strategies in South African Loyalty programmes often involve data analytics to understand customer behaviourpersonalise rewards, and foster strong customer relationships through engagement initiatives. Partnerships with complementary businesses have also shown that they enhance programme value by entrenching upside for the registered programme member.

Andrie du Preez

Thank you Deon, I’m very excited about the Q & A’s to follow.

Please stay tuned for our discussions with the LoyaltyPlus team.

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