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Building a relationship between you and your customer

Businesses are shifting to a new marketing strategy, focused not only on a larger share of the market, but also on loyalty from their customer to ensure a larger share of the customer base.

A loyalty programme strategy is nothing more than a modern marketing tool that allows you to develop a relationship with each individual customer through multiple touch points in your organisation. Loyalty programmes aim to influence members’ (individuals and companies) behavior through rewards and incentives. These touch points are not limited to traditional physical interactions such as your sales staff and cashiers, but extend to a host of electronic mechanisms such as the internet, smartphone apps, tracking and communication beacons, electronic kiosks and social media to name a few.

A well thought through loyalty programme that underpins a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy is no longer that mystic, futuristic and expensive marketing tool reserved for blue chip organisations, but has become an essential marketing tool for even the smallest franchise owner.

How we can help you

The LoyaltyPlus solutions are a combination of advanced functionality embedded in the strength of technology and cloud services, along with experience to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.

In the competitive world of acquiring and retaining customers and a customer’s affection, LoyaltyPlus provides the software platform to do just that. We provide highly customisable Loyalty Programme solutions across multiple industries from Air Transport to Retail. Our product models are designed to cater for small to large customer bases, providing a quick and effective passage to owning your own loyalty programme in the cloud.

At the heart of LoyaltyPlus’ success is our unique LoyaltyPlus programme solutions. Our solutions are powerful server-based applications with hosting nodes in the United Kingdom. All stakeholders in a loyalty programme can interact with the system via human web-based touch points or electronic channels.

LoyaltyPlus’ vision, customer orientation and in-depth service experience, enables its clients to form successful personal relationships with their customers.

Why you should choose us?

  • Scalable platform
  • Proven Technology
  • Internet Deployment
  • Service management
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Transaction and Event Billing
  • Full Corporate management module
  • Automated retro credit functionality
  • Customer Insights through advanced analytics
  • Automated capture of email interactions (stored in member profile) with assignment to workflow engine with automated reply to standard queries
  • Multi-hosting capability enabling say three associated programmes with different business rules to be managed from one deployment
  • Automatic generation of work queues for service centre agents and workflows to ensure efficient member interactions
  • Automated creation and distribution of card and correspondence fulfilment data files
  • Automated, real-time accruals and redemptions initiated through multiple channels
  • Intelligent customer segmentation based on pre-defined rules
  • Multi-partner transactional tracking and invoicing capabilities
  • Staff and agents can be rewarded in the programme
  • Seamless Systems Integration to third party systems

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