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Unlocking the minds behind Customer Loyalty Solutions: An exclusive interview with Mariette Fouche

In the dynamic realm of Customer Loyalty Management, the heartbeat of innovation and solution design is embodied by leaders like Mariette Fouche. As the Head of Product Development and Solution Design at LoyaltyPlus, Mariette plays a pivotal role in expanding existing functionalities and crafting new applications that not only meet but surpass client expectations. With a wealth of experience and a trove of certifications, including Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP), Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Project Manager, Mariette is at the forefront of transforming concepts into reality.


Mariette Fouche is not just a seasoned professional; she’s a visionary who thrives on understanding the intricacies of clients’ businesses, their processes, and the people who will interact with the software. Her journey into the realm of Customer Loyalty Management has been fuelled by a passion for creating tailored solutions that resonate with the unique needs of each client.

Mariette and Andrie sat down over a cup of coffee to discuss understanding more about the role that Mariette plays in the world of LoyaltyPlus.

Introduction and Background

Andrie du Preez

Can you share a bit about your background and how you got started in the field of product development and solution design?

I’ve always been fascinated by the intersection of technology and business. My journey began with a keen interest in understanding how technology could solve real-world problems. This led me to specialise in product development, where I could leverage my skills to create solutions that make a tangible impact on our clients’ businesses.

Role and Responsibilities

Andrie du Preez

Can you describe your role as the Head of Product Development and Solution Design at LoyaltyPlus?

My role is multifaceted. I lead a team that’s dedicated to expanding on existing functionalities and creating innovative applications. This involves working closely with clients to understand their needs, challenges, and goals, ensuring that our solutions not only meet but exceed their expectations. In essence, I bridge the gap between client expectations and technological possibilities.

Certifications and Expertise

Andrie du Preez

You hold certifications as a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP), Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Project Manager. How do these certifications contribute to your role?

These certifications are the backbone of my approach. They provide a robust framework for agile and efficient development, ensuring that our team remains adaptable and responsive. As a Scrum Product Owner, I focus on maximising value and delivering successful outcomes for our clients. The Scrum Master and Project Manager certifications underscore the importance of effective team collaboration and project management, essential elements in the successful delivery of high-quality solutions. The Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) certification is a credential offered by US based The Loyalty Academy to professionals who demonstrate knowledge and expertise in loyalty marketing.

Challenges and Solutions

Andrie du Preez

What are some common challenges you face when designing solutions for clients, and how do you overcome them?

One common challenge is aligning our solutions with the unique needs of each client. No two businesses are alike, and understanding this diversity is crucial. We overcome this challenge by fostering open communication and collaboration. Understanding their business inside out helps us tailor solutions that precisely address their pain points. Additionally, we stay adaptable and iterate quickly, ensuring that our solutions evolve with the changing needs of our clients.

Collaboration and Communication

Andrie du Preez

How do you ensure effective communication between your team and clients throughout the development process?

Communication is the cornerstone of successful collaboration. We maintain regular updates, transparent discussions, and involve clients in key decision-making processes. This collaborative approach not only ensures that we are always on the same page but also strengthens the relationship between our team and our clients. It’s not just about delivering a product; it’s about building a partnership that lasts.

Technology and Trends

Andrie du Preez

How do you stay updated on the latest technologies and trends in the Customer Loyalty Management space?

Staying ahead in this fast-paced industry requires constant learning. I actively participate in industry forums, attend conferences, and encourage my team to engage in continuous education. This commitment keeps us at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends. It’s not just about adopting the latest tech; it’s about understanding how it can be harnessed to benefit our clients.

Success Stories

Andrie du Preez

Can you share a success story where a customer loyalty solution exceeded client expectations?

Certainly. One memorable project involved revamping a client’s loyalty program, resulting in a significant increase in customer engagement and retention. By deeply understanding their unique challenges, we delivered a solution that not only met but far surpassed their expectations, leading to measurable success. The key was not just addressing their current needs but anticipating future ones, creating a solution that evolved with their business.

Future Outlook

Andrie du Preez

What exciting projects or developments can we expect from the product development and solution design team in the near future?

We have an exciting roadmap ahead. Our focus is on staying ahead of the curve and continuously innovating to provide our clients with solutions that propel their businesses forward. We’re exploring the integration of cutting-edge technologies to enhance the user experience, ensuring that our solutions not only meet the current needs but also anticipate and address future challenges. Our commitment is to be at the forefront of customer loyalty management, delivering solutions that set new benchmarks.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Customer Loyalty Management, leaders like Mariette Fouche shine as beacons of innovation. Her dedication to understanding client needs, leveraging the latest technologies, and fostering a collaborative approach positions LoyaltyPlus at the forefront of delivering unparalleled solutions. As we look toward the future, Mariette’s vision promises continued excellence and ground-breaking developments in the realm of customer loyalty solutions. The journey is not just about the present achievements but a commitment to an ongoing partnership with clients, adapting and innovating to shape the future of customer loyalty management.

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