30 Nov

Q&A with Len Lubbe, CEO of LoyaltyPlus and Gunjan Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer of Loyyal

More insights into the strategic alliance between LoyaltyPlus and Loyyal.

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01 Nov

Loyyal, Global Innovator in Blockchain Loyalty partners with LoyaltyPlus a leading Loyalty Management & CRM solutions provider

LoyaltyPlus moved into a partnership with Loyyal, a global innovator in Blockchain Loyalty.

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31 Oct

Scalability and Performance in Loyalty Programmes

Frik van der Westhuizen, Founder member and Director of LoyaltyPlus discussing the scalability and performance in Loyalty Programmes

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05 Oct

Exclusive: Unveiling the Future of Loyalty

An Exclusive Q&A with Len Lubbe, CEO and Founder of LoyaltyPlus In the fast-paced world of customer engagement and Loyalty programs, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Today,...

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28 Sep

Gain Powerful insights into the Loyalty Market

We will be rolling out a series of Q&A sessions to showcase LoyaltyPlus’ extensive experience and knowledge in the Loyalty industry to provide insights and expertise to the market....

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02 Nov

Employee recognition essential for business success

Recognition can extend from a straightforward thank you to something concrete. With Loyalty's Employee Recognition Programme, employers have the opportunity to show employees that they are a critical part...

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25 Aug

Driving Marketing with AI

Article posted on ITWeb With global revenues from artificial intelligence (AI) software expected to top $62 billion by the end of this year, companies across industry sectors are finding increasingly innovative...

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23 Aug

Gamification – “Businesses aren’t playing around with tech” says LoyaltyPlus

It sounds far-fetched, but the growing trend among businesses that aim to benefit fully from next-generation technology, is to exploit the application of game mechanics and to drive up...

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30 May

LoyaltyPlus’ refined AgriBonus helps SA’s agriculture flourish

Groundbreaking revenue generating programme, first introduced in 1998, has adapted to local market conditions to ensure 20 years of business-building benefit to commercial farmers. In 1998 leading CRM software...

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