Mahala officially launched in 2004 on LoyaltyPlus Software and has grown from 200 000 members to over 2 million members within the first 10 years and have grown year on year since then. Their current member base (over all clients) is over 3 million and they actively market to +/- 10 million. During 2019 Mahala registered as a FSP provider and now offer additional financial products to their clients.
Mahala looks after various functions within the financial industry and their core functionalities entail the following:
• Loyalty offering through coupons, discount and points.
• Product development.
• Product administration and collection.
• Financial Service Provider and Intermediary.
• Consultation on Loyalty Architecture and design.
• Call Centre: Member support and sales (inbound and outbound)
The Mahala loyalty offering is unique in the market as they manage coalition programmes on behalf of their clients for which they sign up Partner discounts, points, coupons and freebies – offering members rewards on many levels.
Each of the clients has a white label programme that is tailored according to their CI and the deals they select making their offering unique. All communication is branded and new products / deals can be marketed either per community or across all partners.
The Mahala call centre takes care of any queries and makes use of the LoyaltyPlus CRM workflows to manage, escalate and complete all possible issues.


To develop, grow and sustain the Mahala Loyalty Programme as the most prominent Loyalty Programme in the middle to lower income market with innovative and affordable products.


Mahala Loyalty Programme will aim to reward its members with Points, Discounts, Coupons and Freebies and create Loyalty by channeling their spend. We aim to involve the best-suited partners for our target market, where Mahala members can spend up to 60% of their disposable income through our shops network.

Their target market is middle to lower income market with innovative and affordable products.

Loyalty Offering

Enhancements done to ensure the members has a frictionless loyalty experience:

  • Simple and easy enrolment – Implemented a short enrolment form and allow the member to complete their profile at a later stage.
  • Integrations to Personnel systems to load members via API or automated batch loads.
    Integrations with partner systems for accrual and redemptions.
  • Where integration is not possible, transactions are tracked on Mobile, no POS integration required.
  • Most rewards are allocated in real-time providing instant gratification.
  • OTP on redemptions to secure the transaction.
  • Integrations with payroll systems / accounting software for member enrolment.