31 Aug

LoyaltyPlus guide to retaining lifelong customers

Despite worldwide economic pressure and the impact being felt across many industries, there are ways for businesses to not only sustain operations, but actually capitalise on customer loyalty –...

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18 Jul

Why loyalty programmes can prop your business up

It’s no secret that businesses across most industries and sectors have their proverbial backs against the wall. The COVID-19 lockdowns and economic pressure, along with major disruption to operations,...

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12 Jun

Customer loyalty should remain top of mind during COVID-19

As businesses strategise over the best way to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, they cannot afford to lose sight of the importance of sustaining the best customer experience and...

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18 May

Customer loyalty and brand protection define commerce in 2020

As markets over the world continue to bear the brunt of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, governments are having to balance the health and welfare of citizens against the very...

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14 Apr

Loyalty underpins e-commerce in 2020 as world goes digital

Retail professionals agree: 2020 will mark a significant year of development, with loyalty at the core of digital commerce. Loyalty programmes, emotional connection to brands and higher level customer...

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17 Mar

Range of loyalty programmes reflects the rise of CX

Businesses are spoilt for choice and can use a single model or combine offerings. Effectively matching up a loyalty programme to your brand is as important as the brand...

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02 Mar

Loyalty programmes: a question of knowing what works

Experts in digital retail, e-commerce and customer relationship management (CRM) agree that a finely-tuned, well-executed loyalty programme can take a business to the next level of operation. However, the...

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03 Feb

Why businesses need to consider loyalty programmes

Modern marketing tools are key to powerful customer service. If repeat business is about regular customers, then loyalty programmes is the mechanism businesses can use to attract and retain...

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08 Aug

Rewarding all that Frequent Shopping

What drives consumers to shop at specific stores? Stores and businesses have perfected the way of rewarding the consumers that form their target market. Rewards are not necessarily in...

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