02 Aug

LoyaltyPlus helps carry the cargo load

A dedicated cargo loyalty solution is nothing new.  It is, however, less common compared to passenger driven loyalty solutions. Due to the new realities’ airlines find themselves in it is critical to optimise your cargo business to take the leading revenue generating role from your passenger business. This is not just true for your airline but also all your competitors, you need a solution that will give you a cost-effective and sustainable business edge.

With the LoyaltyPlus Frequent Freighter solution – you are provided with an exceptional edge not just during these trying times but also for the future of your cargo business.

The COVID pandemic has completely changed the airline business with monumental shifts from passenger services to cargo. IATA’s 2021 Report states that “cargo will constitute one-third of all airline business rising from 10-15% pre-covid times and account to around for USD 152 billion”. LoyaltyPlus offers a cost-effective cargo solution fully integrable with your cargo management software suite and aligned with the LoyaltyPlus Frequent Flyer Programme Platform. This enables airlines to incentivise their cargo agents and freight forwarders.

The LoyaltyPlus Frequent Freighter solution aims to help you:

  • Create a solution that helps you differentiate your offering with a view to increase loyalty, your share of wallet, market share and to reduce churn.
  • We provide you with the ability to incentivise and engage with cargo agents and freight forwarders. Your aim should be to carry high value “cargo” that deliver greater revenue margins to your airline.
  • Drive higher value and more frequent cargo shipments where the “incentives collected” by cargo agents can be utilized towards any award desired by your cargo clients.

“It is of the greatest importance for airlines to capitalise early on the swing from an exclusive passenger focused business model to one where cargo play’s a more prominent role to secure a proper foothold in the airline business of the future”, says Frik van der Westhuizen, Marketing Director at LoyaltyPlus.

LoyaltyPlus engaged with a number of airlines, cargo operators and cargo agents to deliver the best platform to give you line of sight into these agent’s and freight forwarder’s business. This allows airlines the information to implement relevant rewarding strategies to change behaviour. All these learnings and requirement analysis has helped LoyaltyPlus to produce the best “Cargo loyalty platform” alongside its world-renowned Frequent Flyer Programme platform. The cargo loyalty platform will provide you with the ability to manage the day-to-day accrual and redemption activities and to capitalise on the business intelligence gathered by executing and managing effective targeted campaigns. The platform comes with exceptional CRM functionality that allows you to create a relationship with your customers by communicating with them using automated emails and SMSs triggered by specific events.

LoyaltyPlus Frequent Freighter boasts an enhanced customer communication module as part of the CRM functionality. The communication module includes a Newsletter Manager, Campaign Manager and Promotion Manager. The platform also supports a full suite of reports that provides you with all the information to make informed marketing decisions.

“History has proven that those who adopt new technology early, use innovation to create exciting opportunities within many businesses. These innovations, like our Frequent Freighter platform, will be the pillars supporting businesses through difficult times and taking them forward to accelerated, sustainable growth”, says Len Lubbe, CEO at Leading independent customer relationship management company, LoyaltyPlus.

LoyaltyPlus is excited to take this discussion further with your airline, please contact us for a full platform demonstration or if you require more information.

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