13 Jun

LoyaltyPlus FrequentStay enhances guest relationships with hotels

Hotels are showing signs of recovery across the Southern, Western, and East African markets following the turbulence of the past two years. HTI research shows that occupancy rates are improving, with South Africa especially showing positive signs of growth. Hotels must therefore look to strengthening relationships with guests and deliver more tailored services if they are to capitalise on this momentum.

According to Statistics South Africa figures, published in February, total income for the tourist accommodation industry increased by 139.5% when compared with February 2021. Furthermore, hotels contributed 66% to the 98.3% year-on-year increase from accommodation in February.

There are opportunities to be had by implementing a loyalty programme to establish a direct relationship with guests. Using information about people’s interactions and preferences, accommodation purchases and amenity rewards can significantly enhance the overall guest experience and result in return visits.

The LoyaltyPlus FrequentStay solution has been designed with exactly this in mind. It provides the tools essential to drive deep customer insights and use them to activate personalised and valuable interactions between the hotel and its guests.

“People want their experiences and their visits to deliver on their unique expectations. The digital transformation taking place in recent times has created a fresh perspective when it comes to better analysing guests’ data and using those insights to reward them with things that are relevant to their immediate needs,” says Frik van der Westhuizen, Marketing Director at leading independent customer relationship management company, LoyaltyPlus.

Demand for hotels and tourism has transformed dramatically alongside changes in consumer behaviour. Using FrequentStay, hotels can select a range of modules designed for personalisation, revenue generation, collaboration, advanced analytics and extended integration with existing systems.

For instance, a campaign management wizard can assist the hotel to introduce personalised content and offers as part of its brand engagement strategy. FrequentStay features intelligent, system-maintained segmentation, tailored communication that highlight rewards for qualifying guests, which can then be automatically distributed. Hotels can also load non-members into the FrequentStay database and leverage its CRM tools to engage with prospects and effortlessly expand the loyalty programme.

“The strength of the FrequentStay solution lies in its data analytical capabilities. Being able to generate reports on all key performance indicators, while introducing self-service and configurable business rules to respond to changing needs, help ensure the hotel always remains one step ahead of the competition,” adds Van der Westhuizen.

FrequentStay features a variety of self-service wizards that can manage promotions with communications automatically triggered to be sent out by specific events. It also features a configurable workflow and integration into the booking system of the hotel, resulting in automated redemptions to streamline the booking process.

To find out how the LoyaltyPlus FrequentStay solution can help transform your guest relationships, please contact us today for a full platform demonstration.

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