07 Aug

Loyalty software – next generation CRM from LoyaltyPlus

Leading software solutions provider LoyaltyPlus believes local businesses have a unique opportunity to not only enhance existing customer service levels, but attract more business and capture more of the market by leveraging next generation CRM solutions.

One of the ways the company has established a leadership position is through its CRM Loyalty and Rewards system software solutions.

These are targeted at all industries and sectors, and are relevant to all businesses that have to meticulously manage the client relationship.

“To secure competitive advantage and acquire the ability to scale, all businesses need a strategy to ensure consistent, regular business… our job is to help companies secure customer loyalty and we do this by offering a Loyalty CRM Programme at enterprise level, which can be tailored according to specific requirements,” says Frik van der Westhuizen, Marketing Director at LoyaltyPlus.

The Loyalty CRM Programme is based on software designed to support and optimise customer engagement, including data, across the entire customer lifecycle and all silos of a business.

Using this programme, decision makers can source real-time information about all levels of customer interaction and make informed, analytics-based decisions.

LoyaltyPlus has paid particular attention to Partner Management features and these are an essential part of its technology offering.

There is an increasing need to track Customer Engagement when managing and monitoring customer touchpoints. This means proactively organising and automating critical customer management functionality, including sales, marketing, gamification and other direct customer services.

“There is ongoing debate as to whether the relevance and uptake of Partnership Management is such that it should be treated as an independent business management silo, or whether it should merely be considered a key tool / component of a Loyalty/CRM drive,” van der Westhuizen continues.

“Our approach is to extract the maximum ancillary monitory benefit for our clients through our Partner Management modules, allowing our CRM solutions to automate and manage customer touchpoints,” van der Westhuizen says.

Growth and heightened activity in the cloud is also a key influence and there are more software solutions moving into the cloud.

The benefit to business is that they can now own their individual loyalty programmes in the cloud and eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure or having to micro-manage personnel.

“This means a more efficient, streamlined and agile operation, which translates into better business,” van der Westhuizen adds.

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