04 Aug

Gain crucial customer insight

iGainLoyalty has been tailor-made for SME business owners to configure and run their own reward programmes…

Customer relationship management (CRM) company LoyaltyPlus has launched iGainLoyalty, a hosted cloud-based loyalty offering that allows SMEs to easily configure and a run a customer rewards programme, without the need to invest in expensive software licenses or hardware. This low-cost marketing alternative transforms the business owner’s ability to get to know their most valuable asset – their customer. iGainLoyalty will enable them to access crucial information on purchasing behaviour and profiling with ample standard reports, and offers exceptional add-on value with iGainLoyalty Analytics, a data interpretation tool.

The business owner now gets to know more about their customer base than their competitor and can now talk directly to them with marketing campaigns. This targeted marketing, is key in promoting repetitive loyalty, bigger share of wallet and market segment growth.

A fraction of the cost
A cutting edge entry level loyalty platform, with all the components usually associated with larger and more complex implementations, can now be configured and managed by low IT-skilled operators, meaning that a business owner is able to run the programme for a single, multiple store or community model without any assistance from a third party. The cloud-based shared methodology enables SMEs to benefit from economies of scale and own a functionally-rich, easy-to-operate solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional software.

The cost and what it offers is one of the elements that sets iGainLoyalty apart from other similar products in the market. Another is the fact that it has the backing of the LoyaltyPlus support team, with extensive experience in more traditional customer engagement. The product does not require much after-sales service, but this is available if necessary. The service is rendered to any SME within South Africa, provided they have internet access. In iGainLoyalty we’ve packaged the vast scope of LoyaltyPlus’s functionality into a contained, user-friendly product – it is a must for any growing enterprise. iGainLoyalty can be upgraded into a fully-fledged CRM loyalty software solution.

– This article appeared in the Aug/Sept issue of Your Business Magazine.

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