10 Nov

First 100% Remote Airline Loyalty Implementation from LoyaltyPlus

We’re all very aware of the unique and unprecedented challenges airlines face today. Loyalty programs will play a pivotal role in getting passengers back onto your aircraft, agreed? But how does that fit with the need for huge cost reductions to survive?  

As a well-established Loyalty Solution provider, previously sold as the branded solution for a well known PSS, we are perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the airline market in terms of our own brand. But now we’re emerging into the open market. 

We’ve just completed the first 100% remote deployment of our cloud-based Airline Loyalty solution. In fact, it’s been in the cloud since 2007 and is already tried and tested across our entire customer base. However, in response to the new COVID world, what we needed to change was the implementation approach. 

We’re all used to video conferencing by now right? So naturally that’s how we did everything: Project kick off, Business Rules Workshops, Project Meetings. Everything. 

Except the training that is. No-one can be productive sitting through long webinars. Our answer is short video clips and self-learning exercises. Webinars are for practicing scenarios, questions and discussion and it’s all to the timetable required for cutover. 

We can even reduce the scope of training to focus on contact centre agent training only. Everything else can be done by our service centre: self-service configurations, setting up campaigns and promotions or scheduling reports. It’s easy enough to train on that later, or not at all.

Finally, what about cutover? Much as we love to be onsite for “go live”, instead we dedicate an off-site person to you for the week. They talk to you every day for as long as you need. 

Now here comes the best part … the new remote deployment lowers our cost base even further than when we moved to the cloud. The solution is proven for airlines of all sizes up to large Tier 2s. We’ve even completed implementations in as little as 3 months if only minimal customisations are required. 

We can help you transform your business very quickly. You can even try out our customer engagement module free of charge for 3 months.

Sound interesting? Please connect with me on [email protected] and let’s talk!

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