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Engage, build & maintain customer relationships with a 360 degree view of your customer and your business

The Gap – Who is my customer?

Today, a key business challenge is to manage customer relationships effectively by understanding customers and their habits. To engage customers and leverage data for improved and targeted marketing campaigns is always a challenge. CRM solutions are not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity in a world where customer retention is of prime importance.

Bridging the gap

CRMPlus is the flagship CRM solution integrating the different pillars of the LoyaltyPlus offerings which results in a robust CRM strategy.

Bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales, CRMPlus creates a sophisticated understanding of customer behaviour and needs by leveraging all your customer touch points. By harnessing this technology to tailor your CRM programme, customer churn is reduced and the lifetime value of your most profitable customers is extended.

CRMPlus is a scalable high-level functionality comprehensive suite of the four product sets, giving you the option to start small, and add the additional product sets as required.

The Functional Architecture of CRMPlus

Improve your competitive advantage through leading-edge customised CRM and Rewards Systems Software Solutions.

CRM Plus is embedded primarily with our core Loyalty engine LoyaltyPlus, together with our customer engagement offering “EngagementPlus”, which enables the different customer engagement points supported by an engagement strategy which includes campaigning, document management, and a host of other engagement strategies.

CRMPlus further embeds AnalyticsPlus allowing for superior customer intelligence mining and extracting and segmentation of datasets to be used in campaigning actions.

MediaPlus is a strong Social media component which allows for social media integration, gamification and social media engagement and campaigning.

Get the unfair advantage

Benefit from over 25 years of experience with LoyaltyPlus. The LoyaltyPlus product models are designed to cater for small to large customer bases for airline, hospitality and retail Industries, providing a quick and effective passage to owning a loyalty programme in the cloud. Due to the cloud based shared methodology the enterprise benefits from the economies of scale with regards to license fees, software and hardware infrastructure.

The behaviour of the product is parameter driven and can thus be configured to the client’s exact requirements without the need to alter the systems design or code. The client also can select the functionality required, thereby avoiding unnecessary expenses.

“Ensure you engage with a company with a solid track record, superior functional offerings at an affordable price.” Says Frik Van Der Westhuizen, LoyaltyPlus’ Marketing Director. CRMPlus is rendered to any company within South Africa or worldwide provided they have Internet access. 24 hour Electronic and telephonic support is available. LoyaltyPlus mans a support portal where clients can log queries and requests.

Drive Your Bottom Line

Create comprehensive customer experiences, build and manage gamified loyalty programmes and personalised initiatives, based on the voice of the customer. Finding the correct balance between your particular cost structure and your customers’ preferences will enable you to optimise your programme’s return.

“We can help you to create a tailored loyalty programme, which will provide you with intelligent information and insight to manage the programme and to maximise financial gain.” – says van der Westhuizen.

Take your CRM with you and Go Web. Go Mobile. Go Gaming. Just Engage. Gain crucial customer insight – get the unfair advantage.

– This article appeared in the October Rewards & Loyalty Magazine Insert in the Sunday Times.

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