07 Feb

Top 3 Loyalty Programme Trends for 2022

Globally, 75% of consumers surveyed admitted to favouring brands that offer rewards. And with the same research highlighting that 65% of a company’s business come from existing customers, the...

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09 Dec

Fostering customer loyalty this holiday season

Following a tumultuous two years, the upcoming holiday shopping season will be a crucial one for local retailers trying to regain some much-needed momentum. But customers are still managing...

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03 Nov

Choosing the best customer loyalty programme

In the US, consumers hold 3.8 billion memberships in customer loyalty programmes. Closer to home, the average number of loyalty programmes which South Africans belong to has increased to...

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02 Sep

Building loyalty is critical during times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the global airline and hospitality sector. Deloitte research has found that at the peak of the lockdown measures, several European...

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18 Aug


Centurion, South Africa, 18/08/2021, Drukair, the national airline of the Kingdom of Bhutan has chosen LoyaltyPlus in a direct relationship for continuation of its Loyalty services through migration to...

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02 Aug

LoyaltyPlus helps carry the cargo load

A dedicated cargo loyalty solution is nothing new.  It is, however, less common compared to passenger driven loyalty solutions. Due to the new realities’ airlines find themselves in it...

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18 May

Customer loyalty and brand protection define commerce in 2020

As markets over the world continue to bear the brunt of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, governments are having to balance the health and welfare of citizens against the very...

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08 Aug

Rewarding all that Frequent Shopping

What drives consumers to shop at specific stores? Stores and businesses have perfected the way of rewarding the consumers that form their target market. Rewards are not necessarily in...

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24 Nov

From coins to cards to apps

From coins to cards to apps – loyalty in business takes on a new form Both e-commerce and bricks & mortar companies are exploring various channels to not only...

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05 Sep

Recognising, rewarding and retaining ‘high value customers’

Leading software solutions provider and independent CRM firm LoyaltyPlus offers practical advice and insight In an increasingly tough economic environment, businesses must do all they can to not only...

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