10 Mar

Loyalty programmes key to touch-free generation

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionised business operations the world over, and forever changed the way markets engage with customers and how consumers deal with brands. Companies must now face...

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22 Feb

Major risks to business loyalty in 2021

With businesses under relentless pressure amid COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and battling to remain intact, the need to minimise risk and continue operating has never been more important. To help...

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19 Jan

2021, a new opportunity to reward loyal customers

With 2020 now done and dusted, and harsh socio-economic lessons learnt, retailers can now turn their attention to 2021 and a new year with new opportunity to reward customers...

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15 Dec

Air Senegal Launches their Teranga Programme in partnership with LoyaltyPlus

Centurion, South Africa, 15th December 2020. Air Senegal the fast growing West African long-haul and regional airline, launches its Teranga Frequent Flyer Programme in partnership with solution provider LoyaltyPlus....

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08 Dec

Loyalty is the biggest gift for retailers this festive season

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way consumers shop – and retailers have had to adapt to a surge in interest in the Internet as a primary...

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20 Nov


Centurion, South Africa, 20 November 2020, Asky, The Pan African Airline retains the LoyaltyPlus solution to run their Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) Asky Club by moving to a direct...

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19 Nov

COVID-19 pushes loyalty to the top of retailers’ festive wish list

The global COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a ‘new normal’ for business and no less so in retail, where many operators are having to adapt their approach to November’s...

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10 Nov

First 100% Remote Airline Loyalty Implementation from LoyaltyPlus

We’re all very aware of the unique and unprecedented challenges airlines face today. Loyalty programs will play a pivotal role in getting passengers back onto your aircraft, agreed? But...

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05 Oct

Will the current crisis ground aviation?

Or will operators find a way through turbulent market and secure passenger support? Customer experience and loyalty continue to dominate business considerations across most industries today. For some markets,...

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31 Aug

LoyaltyPlus guide to retaining lifelong customers

Despite worldwide economic pressure and the impact being felt across many industries, there are ways for businesses to not only sustain operations, but actually capitalise on customer loyalty –...

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