30 Nov

Q&A with Len Lubbe, CEO of LoyaltyPlus and Gunjan Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer of Loyyal

More insights into the strategic alliance between LoyaltyPlus and Loyyal.

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15 Nov

APIs and Third-Party Integrations: Exploring the API boom and how LoyaltyPlus is staying ahead of the curve

Felix du Plessis, the CIO of LoyaltyPlus, shares with us his insight into the API boom and how LoyaltyPlus is staying ahead of the curve

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01 Nov

Loyyal, Global Innovator in Blockchain Loyalty partners with LoyaltyPlus a leading Loyalty Management & CRM solutions provider

LoyaltyPlus moved into a partnership with Loyyal, a global innovator in Blockchain Loyalty.

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31 Oct

Scalability and Performance in Loyalty Programmes

Frik van der Westhuizen, Founder member and Director of LoyaltyPlus discussing the scalability and performance in Loyalty Programmes

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05 Oct

Exclusive: Unveiling the Future of Loyalty

An Exclusive Q&A with Len Lubbe, CEO and Founder of LoyaltyPlus In the fast-paced world of customer engagement and Loyalty programs, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Today,...

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28 Sep

Gain Powerful insights into the Loyalty Market

We will be rolling out a series of Q&A sessions to showcase LoyaltyPlus’ extensive experience and knowledge in the Loyalty industry to provide insights and expertise to the market....

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13 Mar

Loyalty Plus Press Release 13 March 2023

LoyaltyPlus is happy to introduce, Kaushalya de Alwis and Mahvish A. Niazi to our team

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28 Feb

Building Customer Loyalty Through Social Media

by Frik van der Westhuizen At the end of January this year, there were 28 million social media users in South Africa. Over the past 12 months, social media...

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02 Nov

Employee recognition essential for business success

Recognition can extend from a straightforward thank you to something concrete. With Loyalty's Employee Recognition Programme, employers have the opportunity to show employees that they are a critical part...

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25 Aug

Driving Marketing with AI

Article posted on ITWeb With global revenues from artificial intelligence (AI) software expected to top $62 billion by the end of this year, companies across industry sectors are finding increasingly innovative...

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