15 Dec

Air Senegal Launches their Teranga Programme in partnership with LoyaltyPlus

Centurion, South Africa, 15th December 2020. Air Senegal the fast growing West African long-haul and regional airline, launches its Teranga Frequent Flyer Programme in partnership with solution provider LoyaltyPlus. With ambitions to connect the world to Senegal and West Africa, through the Dakar hub, the Teranga Programme marks a significant step towards that goal for Air Senegal.

Mamadou BA Air Senegal’s Executive Director Performance said: “The launch of the Teranga Programme will create that valuable connection with our customers and the flexibility of the LoyaltyPlus solution means we can easily evolve our programme as our membership base grows. We’d like to say a big thank you to all the LoyaltyPlus team for their support and hard work.”

LoyaltyPlus provided market specific strategy and business rules recommendations in partnership with program design consultants Truth.  The technical deployment was completed remotely using well established processes for the LoyaltyPlus cloud-based solution; however, the on-going travel restrictions required a different approach for launch readiness training.

“The challenge of remote training is creating engaging content when you can’t be face to face with your customer.” said Len Lubbe, CEO of LoyaltyPlus. “Our modular approach with short video clips, self-learning exercises and online classrooms proved to be very successful.”

In addition to 4 programme tiers, Air Senegal will offer self service functions to their members such as “claim missing miles” via their website and in the future, bookings with miles via their Internet Booking Engine. More details at www.flyairsenegal.com

Air Senegal is based in Dakar, Senegal with a network covering 15 cities in more than 12 countries including West Africa and Europe.

LoyaltyPlus is based in Centurion, South Africa with marketing and support offices in the EU  via a VAR agreement with Loyalty Software Systems (LSS) based in Ljubljana and its datacentre in London UK. It provides Loyalty & CRM solutions to the airline, hotel and retail markets, with clients in Europe, Asia, Africa and around the globe.

Truth is based in Cape Town, South Africa and advises leading global and South African brands on their loyalty and customer strategies. www.truth.co.za

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